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What can language schools offer to people who book hotels, find uber cars and shop online
Offline language schools have neglected online learning for a long time. Some schools launched their CRM systems or toyed with Moodle and other formats. But the whole new generation of people has grown up – those who can’t imagine their life without online services and smartphones.

Now these people comprise a large share of clients of language schools. But they are used to booking hotels, ordering food, finding uber cars and making purchases online. It means they expect the same level of accessibility and mobility from services provided by language schools. What can language schools offer?

PushtoLearn receives more and more letters of this type:

“I am the owner of a language school ХХХХХХ. We have received a request from our major corporate client for online learning. We have not considered online learning as something important for our school until today. We could see the trend, but the demand was low. Sporadic requests from individuals were tackled through Skype classes. I would like to learn more about your platform and how it can help us.”

Language schools should not wait until their clients ask for online components of their language learning, because they won’t do it. They will just choose another language school who already has this type of service. Modern language schools should incorporate online learning into their offering without waiting for the right time as their customers already demand it and expect to see the same blend of technology and usability as they see with other online services.