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New function - homework assignments with automatic checking
We have launched a new function – homework assignments with automatic checking. Teachers can set homework using the content of the platform. The platform checks and updates the status of homework.

Teachers can see a section called Homework assignments on the site.

 To add a new homework assignment for their course/group, teachers open the course and click +Add task

Select a date for homework.

Select units from Vocabulary and/or Grammar.

Write comments if necessary, it is possible to add links, they will be active and clickable.

Click Save.

Students get emails – you have got a new homework assignment with links to tasks.

Students can see the section Homework assignments in their Dashboard. Completed assignments are marked with a green mark.

Important aspects:

- Homework can be set starting from the current date. You can’t set homework for the past

- Students can complete only current homework and can’t complete homework for future, i.e. if today is April 24 and homework is set for April 27, then the task will be deemed “completed” starting from April 27. If the student completes this task before April 27, it will not be taken into account by the system.

- Students have 7 days to complete assignments. After 7 days assignments will remain “not done”

- If there are two identical assignments set, the newest assignment will change its status when students complete it.

Reports about homework for admins and coordinators

Coordinators and administrators can download excel reports about homework. Reports will show all assignments set by teachers and their status.