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Main competitor of language schools
Language learning market is fragmented. There are lots of different methods and approaches to learning foreign languages, thousands of language schools and courses, online platforms and individual teachers.

Your language school always has competitors – direct and indirect. Competition is tough, language business owners need to find new ways to attract and retain customers, invest in new technologies and upgrades. But still there is even a more powerful competitor which we often forget. It’s called – “do nothing”.

It is the most serious competitor in any educational business. Most people choose not among different learning programs and language schools, but between “learn something now’ and “postpone it”.

In order to start doing something new, learn and spend time on this, people should feel the threat to lose something if they fail to do it. It’s not enough to promise something useful or interesting. What will people lose if they choose to do nothing? What won’t they have if they don’t study foreign languages? If you can’t find definite answers for these questions then your struggle with “do nothing” competition is likely to be far from successful.