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Why we are not building another CRM system for language schools
We often receive questions about CRM, LMS and other service models. That’s why PushtoLearn has decided to outline our distinctive features that differentiate us from various CRM systems in the market. Here is why we are not building another CRM service for language schools.

We improve your core business

Our platform is designed to improve the main service of language schools – teaching – which brings you money and clients. We have developed features for online and blended learning, testing and reporting, integration into the learning process and curriculum with different roles including students, teachers, coordinators and administrators. Your clients are at the heart of our platform, because the way they learn (for which they pay you money) is boosted in terms of efficiency and availability across all devices.

Modern students demand new approaches

Technologies are changing fast. Modern students are different from students several years ago. Their life goes at a faster pace, their learning patterns are different with high penetration of mobile devices. Teaching must be adjusted to the needs and requirements of modern students. Key principles are availability and mobility.

CRM systems can't help you to teach better

Our service doesn’t work as a CRM system, because such services appear now and then with the idea to improve administrative features of language schools. But those systems don’t improve how well you teach your students, how much grammar practice your students get or how you can move away from paperwork with tests and attendance reports. We are trying to improve every aspect of teaching and learning foreign languages: from training vocabulary of the coursebook to homework assignments with automatic grading – with the idea to help teachers focus on their quality teaching time.

We help you to earn money

Our positioning is a tool for business development of language schools for client satisfaction growth, marketing and sales. Our platform helps you to build up loyalty among students while offering efficient online learning tools without breaking your budget.