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Useful services for language schools during virus lockdown
As the virus continues to spread across the globe, language schools are closing their doors in an effort to protect their students. Many language schools have chosen to forgo in-person classes in favor of remote learning. Another aspect is that online learning should be deployed fast to compensate for the lack of offline classes.
EdTEch trends to watch for your language school
Presenting you our selection of business news in the field of EdTech – for you to follow the latest trends.
Chatbots still can't replace English language teachers - one more experiment in Japan
We present you a piece of interesting and (hope) useful reading about chatbots for language learning. And what lessons we learned from this experience.
What language schools can learn from Pockemon Go
You must have already heard about Pockemon Go. This app is a sensation of this summer. Some people say this app can change our attitude to education. We are trying to figure out what language schools can learn from the hype around this game.
How to boost efficiency of language schools
Any kind of service has its value and result. We decided to research how our online training activities can improve efficiency of learning in language schools. How can we improve the process on the basis of proven hypothesis?
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PushtoLearn - Saas product for language schools
for blended learning, reporting and testing of students