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Quarantine and lockdown for months – we create branded online platforms for language schools in 3 days
Most countries extend quarantine and lockdown measures until May. Based on China’s experience there will be minimum 2 months of isolation to for the pandemic to pass its peak.
Useful services for language schools during virus lockdown
As the virus continues to spread across the globe, language schools are closing their doors in an effort to protect their students. Many language schools have chosen to forgo in-person classes in favor of remote learning. Another aspect is that online learning should be deployed fast to compensate for the lack of offline classes.
Branded videos for language schools – mini-lessons for social media
We prepare branded videos for customers of PushtoLearn to distribute and promote them on social media and websites.
10 free Travel Posters for your language school
Vacation and holiday period has already started. We are launching a new promo on the platform devoted to travelling. Users will get a training activity with travel-related vocabulary and media content. We have also prepared 10 posters with travel quotes which you can download and use for your promotional activities.
What makes our service for language schools different from online resources provided by publishers
We often receive questions about key differences of our service from online components offered by publishers with their coursebooks. We have identified key points to answer this question.
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PushtoLearn - Saas product for language schools
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