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Useful services for language schools during virus lockdown
As the virus continues to spread across the globe, language schools are closing their doors in an effort to protect their students. Many language schools have chosen to forgo in-person classes in favor of remote learning. Another aspect is that online learning should be deployed fast to compensate for the lack of offline classes.
Using online platform in class
Since the service is adapted to mobile devices we would like to offer an idea how to use its functions in class with students.
How much do online schools pay to non-native language teachers - reviews of 40 companies
Have a look at a list of 40 online language schools and services from different countries and their rates for non-native language teachers.
EdTEch trends to watch for your language school
Presenting you our selection of business news in the field of EdTech – for you to follow the latest trends.
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PushtoLearn - Saas product for language schools
for blended learning, reporting and testing of students