Why people choose offline language schools
Most probably you have heard the idea that online learning will soon replace offline language schools. Online language learning services will use artificial intelligence to teach people foreign languages. We are trying to look at the other side of this concept and giving reasons why it is not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

There is so much information on the Internet. There are no more unique topics and secrets, everything is two-three clicks away. But this brought another problem for language learners. Modern language learners don’t want to rely on self-study and prefer getting a pre-defined plan and directions.

Why do people choose offline language schools?

Integrity and quality of language learning content 

Language learners can’t define the quality of the educational content which is relevant to their learning goals. They opt to pay for systematic approach offered by language schools to guide and instruct them. Without wasting time and focusing on the most important elements.

Achievable educational goal

Is it necessary to improve your English to Upper-Intermediate level or to prepare for an international language exam? Language schools claim that they know how to reach these goals. And learners delegate their learning job to language schools. Sometimes it goes even farther and students rely completely on the language school to teach them a foreign language. Learners pay and believe that from now on their job is done and the learning can go by itself. Of course, it never happens that way in reality.

Motivating environment

People are lazy. We all need external stimuli: timetable with dates of classes, rules and deadlines, homework. Thus learners find themselves in the environment which pushes and motivates them. In other words learners pay for an outsourced “carrot-and-stick approach”.

Stimulation of internal motivation

Learning becomes more efficient if students have internal motivation to study. This motivation must be supported by positive feedback, feeling of discovery and tangible results. It comes from socializing with groupmates and teachers.


A teacher is a role-model who has already achieved the student’s educational goal and knows how to get there. Teachers design their courses and adjust them to the student’s level and personal characteristics. Also teachers reinforce positive attitude and self-confidence of their students.

Pleasant pastime

Learning foreign languages can be a pleasant pastime and entertainment. It’s about meeting new people, learning new cultures and improving your life. Learners may not have some specific learning goals. They enjoy the process.

In a nutshell, language schools have several unique advantages on which they can capitalize to develop and promote their business.  Knowing your pluses, it is possible to add up-to-date learning technologies and attract contemporary language students to buy your courses.  

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