Branded videos for language schools – mini-lessons for social media
We prepare branded videos for customers of PushtoLearn to distribute and promote them on social media and websites.

This service is provided free of charge to customers. Videos are produced every three weeks ensuring regularity and consistency of promotion.

Every video is a short mini-lesson with quotes from movies devoted to a dedicated word or phrase. See example below:

Format: Short, up to 30 seconds, videos which tell about one specific word, phrase or grammar form through movie quotes.

These videos can be uploaded to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other social media. People can watch on the go and learn. Movies add real-life usage illustrations.

Video resolution 1080*1080 is just perfect for Instagram.

Concept: Movie English Series to be broadcast through social media. We can add your logo at the end of videos, so that they are branded.

We have received questions about the legality of videos. They are legal and come under the term "fair use", you can read more here

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