EdTEch trends to watch for your language school
Presenting you our selection of business news in the field of EdTech – for you to follow the latest trends.

- Startup Juni Learning has launched a service to teach programming for kids 

So what?
It’s another proof that teaching kids “grown-up” skills is an educational trend. Why not using it in your language school?

- Irish startup raised 3 mln euros for kids’ speech recognition. It turned out that speech recognition works differently with kids and requires different sets of data than for adults. 

what? Apps for kids will have to rethink their approach to voice interfaces of their services. Another example that market of kids’ services is always perspective and promising.

- Startup TeacherGaming which develops and implements ideas for MineCraft in education, attracted $1.6 mln

So what?
Games in education are good, because they change the basic principle of the process.

- Sphero with their toy robots pivoted to the educational market 

So what?
Conclusion #1: it’s cool to produce cool things, but it’s not profitable. Conclusion #2: edtech continues to grow and develop.

- American startup Strive Talent is redesigning the hiring process which ignores university diplomas and CVs 

So what?
Path from school to work is about to change radically. Educational market will be transformed as well.

- By 2030 about 25% of workers in developed countries will be replaced by robots 

So what?
It’s a fast-growing market not only for new robots, but also for education – to teach new subjects and skills.


- Usage of mobile apps grew only by 6% in 2017. In 2016 itincreasedby 11%.

what? Lifestyle apps and games are among the losers. Mobile apps are difficult to support and develop, because more and more users prefer services which do not need to be installed on their devices.

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