What language schools can learn from Pockemon Go
You must have already heard about Pockemon Go. This app is a sensation of this summer. Some people say this app can change our attitude to education. We are trying to figure out what language schools can learn from the hype around this game.

What is Pokémon Go. Mutliplayer role game was launched in July 2016 and added more than $8 bln to market value of Nintendo. Using augmented reality technologies, Pokemon Go adds virtual images to pictures of the real world. In order to advance to the next level, players must travel, interact with other players and catch pockemons.

How can game elements from Pokemon Go work in language learning. 
Pokemon Go has everything what modern educational projects are trying to achieve – mobility, gamification, teamwork and even technologies of augmented reality.

The app connects virtual and real words. It is easier to learn foreign languages when it happens within the context of real-life situations and objects. Technology became not just a game, but continuation of the lesson, tool for additional practice, additional learning and training simulator. Those denying the impact of technology on education – go against the progress.

Technology ignited and supported interest in discovery and exploration. People rushed into libraries and historical sites looking for rare pockemons. On average, players spend 43 minutes per day in Pokemon GO which exceeds numbers for Instagram and Facebook. Behavioral changes occurred under the influence of game techniques. Adult behavior can be successfully modified with game elements, so it should be actively exploited in language learning.

Success depends on teamwork. Competition, teamwork and mutual support are the cornerstones of the progress in the game for players or for students in the learning process.

The app has tangible and achievable results. Player can clearly understand what it takes to advance to the next level. Learning curriculum in language schools must also be measurable and understandable. Students must understand what and when something must be done to get to the next topic or level. For example, some language schools arrange video recording of students’ progress before/during/after the end of the course - for better illustration of the outcome.

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