New design and features - major update on the platform
We have introduced new design and features for Student’s Dashboard.

 Have a look at the video explaining all the changes


New framework

We have migrated to a new framework with more scalable and up-to-date features. That’s the beginning of PushtoLearn 2.0 as we replace legacy code with new solutions. It will allow us to introduce changes and updates faster.

New design and features for students

We have started updates with student’s dashboard as it’s an entry point for user on the platform. What they see after login. This is where we want to guide and motivate students. We have developed a recommendation system which tracks student’s performance and suggests adjustments to their learning process. All learning components are assembled into “courses” with a single entry point.

Planned future updates

- New email server for better deliverability of emails

- New email templates

- New design of Vocabulary

- New design of Training

- New design of Teacher’s Dashboard with a recommendation system for Homework

PushtoLearn - Saas product for language schools
for blended learning, reporting and testing of students