New design of the training exercise Word Rush
We have updated PushtoLearn LMS for language schools with new design and advanced system of student engagement for Word Rush activity.

New design. Design became clear, easy to use and simple

Pushtolearn LMS for language schools 


We added new sound effects to this training activity – for three correct answers and completion of the task. Mobile design:

Pushtolearn LMS for language schools 

New system for result and success measurement

 In order to increase user engagement, we have modified this training activity with success criteria. Now it is not only a timed exercise, but it also has training goals for students. A successfully completed exercise is the one in which students get min. 90% of correct answers and complete min. 25 tasks.

Pay attention! Only successfully completed Word Rush activities can be recorded as completed Homework assignments.

Pushtolearn LMS for language schools 

Students meet the training goal (min. 90% of correct answers, min. 25 tasks) – they get +1 point to their study progress.

Students fail to meet one or both training goals – they don’t get any points to their study progress.

Pushtolearn LMS for language schools 

We will keep on updating other training activities.

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