How we are developing our LMS for language schools during the war
Update from PushtoLearn from Ukraine

Running into the sixth month of the war between Russia and Ukraine, we here at PushtoLearn decided to share the recent developments within our company which we started in Ukraine in 2014.  

We discontinued the service for customers from Russia and Belarus 

As of February 2022, we serviced the largest language schools in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan as well as attracted customers from the Czech Republic, Poland, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, Chile, Brazil, and Sweden. In particular, six out of the top-10 language schools in Moscow used our solutions to run their educational business. But the war changed it all in the blink of an eye since you can’t do business with those whose country is trying to destroy you. We discontinued their accounts and lost the lion’s share of our revenue.    

We left our homes to take families to safety

The early hours of February 24 were disrupted by missiles hitting our cities and towns. Loud explosions, chaos, and panic drove us to the decision to evacuate our families to safer locations. Now after 5 months our team members are returning to their homes to kickstart their life under new conditions accompanied by air raid alerts at night. 

Team members were recruited to the army 

Starting from the first days of the war we signed up with military administrations and a few team members were recruited to join the Ukrainian army. We support and pray for them. We had to adjust our business and development processes to ensure the stable operation of our service. Some design updates were postponed and new features were put on hold. Our team shifted focus to customer support and content development. 

We expanded our content database 

There were 235 course books in our database at the beginning of the year. Hundreds of thousands of examples and vocabulary units for language training activities. We started adding English definitions, new grammar exercises, media items, and new tests to expand our content offering and formats.

We supported Ukrainian language schools

On February 24 all Ukrainians made a step into the darkness and uncertainty. We decided to support our Ukrainian customers by canceling monthly fees for the platform so that they could continue their educational process and stay in touch with their teachers and students. At the moment of writing, many of our partners resumed their business and continue teaching their corporate clients, conducting online classes for kids, preparing for international exams, and teaching Business and General English from different countries and locations.   

All language schools that we are privileged to partner with – are fantastic. They inspire us to become better versions of ourselves. During all these years PushtoLearn has gone through periods of rapid changes and adaptations. Most of them were introduced to grow our educational community even larger and help our customers to teach foreign languages with up-to-date online solutions.

We are continuing our journey to build the best LMS for language schools and will be happy to tell you more about our solutions.

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