What makes our service for language schools different from online resources provided by publishers
We often receive questions about key differences of our service from online components offered by publishers with their coursebooks. We have identified key points to answer this question.

What publishers can’t offer:
- Branding and white-labeling. We create branded online platforms with client’s domain, logo and colours. Publishers are not associated with your school and do little to promote your brand. Students need to log in to a third-party website.
- Corporate clients. You can’t participate in corporate tenders which require online components with publishers’ resources, because they are not designed to control corporate groups of students, track performance and generate different types of reports. We have introduced the role of a coordinator tailored for companies to provide statistics and insights into the learning process: attendance, progress, homework assignments, report confirmation.
- Scalability of the service. The platform is open and can contain content from different courses, not restricted to a specific publisher. You can upload all types of media and content, including different languages. Language schools receive not simply an additional resource to accompany their courses, but rather they get an efficient tool to boost their teaching methods. The platform can be tailored to meet the needs of your customers when they require specific content like English for CEOs, English for pilots etc. It becomes a part of the blended learning model.
- Administration. Resources from publishers can be used within a specific group, but when it comes to larger numbers of students and teachers they fall short of working as a unified system. Students need to activate codes printed in their books. We care about the learning process and not sales of books. That’s why registration and student activation are simple in our service.
- Methodology. All exercises created by publishers are linear, i.e. students take them once and don’t come back. We have designed  training activities based on a concept used in fitness – when you get results through regular repetitions. That’s why tasks are selected randomly for students not to memorise the exact order of questions, but focus on language skills training.
- Features. Resources of publishers are not designed for mass testing, attendance reports, detailed group and course progress reports etc. Our platform is integrated into the learning process, becomes its integral part and not a short-lived gimmick. We place emphasis on teachers’ participation and involvement.  
- Live content. We update the content of the platform on a regular basis launching promos for different occasions with new vocabulary and grammar exercises to keep students engaged.

PushtoLearn - Saas product for language schools
for blended learning, reporting and testing of students