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Grammar Boost for language schools - the biggest online training tool for English grammar
PushtoLearn has opened a new format of training activities for language schools – Grammar Boost, the biggest online training tool for English grammar with 5000 tasks.

No textbook can provide sufficient practice for grammar drills. Teachers have to look for additional materials, but anyway it can’t ensure variety and integrity of tasks. Students need to learn to choose the appropriate grammar form in the given context, compare and select a relevant structure depending on the situation.

That’s why we have developed Grammar Boost – training activities in which students train with 5000 real-life examples and which include various grammar forms filtered by levels and randomly generated in the exercise for endless practice. Students choose to train one of the three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced grammar. Answer options are set for every of 5000 tasks so that students have to apply knowledge, but not guesswork.

New activity is adapted to mobile devices.

+ We have added Passvie Voice Advanced

Next we want to extend Advanced level with:

  • Should have done
  • Could have done
  • Must have done
  • Gerund
  • Reported speech
  • Mixed conditionals
  • I wish
  • To be going to