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8 free Halloween posters for your language school
We have prepared a new collection of posters – this time devoted to Halloween, which you can use for your promotional activities.
Free inspirational posters for your language school
We have prepared seven inspirational posters about education and the English language.
Choosing the next strategic move for your language school – ideas for your business 
Now and then we receive questions from language schools about the best ways to introduce online technologies in their language business. What’s the difference between CRM and LMS? Blended learning? Maybe it’s better to dive into online teaching via Skype?
What can language schools offer to people who book hotels, find uber cars and shop online
Offline language schools have neglected online learning for a long time. Some schools launched their CRM systems or toyed with Moodle and other formats. But the whole new generation of people has grown up – those who can’t imagine their life without online services and smartphones.
How to increase student engagement via online contests and competitions
Ideas how language schools can additionally promote their online platform and engage students in short-term activities and contests.
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PushtoLearn - Saas product for language schools
for blended learning, reporting and testing of students